What to Prepare to Join Pilot School in India

One of the reasons why people want to join pilot school in India is because commercial pilot salary is up to 60 Lakh yearly. Pilot can use salary to fulfill all their needs and buy everything that they want. Yup, undoubtedly, pilot is one of the potential professions that can make people rich. Are you keen on becoming a pilot in India? If you are, you should join flight school first. The problem is this is not easy because there are many things that you should prepare. Do you know what things to prepare are? If you don’t, find the answer below:


rupeesYou need to know that to be a cadet, you should spend tens of Lakh. For instance, if you take private pilot license, commercial pilot license, and instrument rating program, you should pay about 30 Lakh-40 Lakh or if you are interested in taking PPL, CPL, IR, and MER, spend from 40 Lakh to 50 Lakh. This fee might not include registration fee, accommodation, transportation, food, exam and check ride fee, exam transport fee, endorsement fee, and additional flight hour fee so you should prepare more budgets. Thus, make sure that your parents are able to provide a lot money if you really want to join flying school.

Anyway, if you want to help your parents to pay off tuition fee, get scholarship. Not all pilot schools in India provide this program so you have to find it. Besides, you may hope that you can find flight school which offer installment program so that your parents don’t have to spend much money directly.

Knowledge and skill

my knowledgePreparing knowledge and skill is a must because you have to pass admission tests, like document test, phycology test, medical examination, academic test, and interview. There is no easy test so you are required to do your best. For this, maintain your body’s health as well as possible, learn about flight world from basic to advanced, and read various references about flying school. You can join related online forums that discuss about how to be pilot so you know what you should do and should not do. If now you need information related pilot school in India, you are encouraged to visit PilotTrainings.in. Why? You can find information about how to be pilot and know pilot license types and number of pilot salaries. Besides, you can ask questions to site’s owner if you are confused of choosing the right flying school and need information about pilot’s jobs, requirements, rules, etc.

Mental and confidence

i canThere are many people thinking that mental and confidence are not important things. They are wrong because there are many thousands of people who want to join flight school. This means that there will be tight competition to be cadet. If you don’t have mental and confidence, the opportunity to make your dream come true is very small. You can be eliminated earlier if you are afraid or shy to show who you are. Therefore, prepare both of these things as well as possible so you can compete and pass all tests maximally.

Difference of Pilot and Co-pilot

difference pilot and co-pilot

The pilot and co-pilot were both on duty in the cockpit of the plane. However, both these professions have some differences both in terms of duties and responsibilities of flight hours and salary, as well as of licenses owned. Nevertheless, the two must go hand in hand in order to make the plane to their destination safely.

The pilot and copilot, two figures that are quite important to achieve flight safety although some figure behind both of which are not less help rather ATC (Air Traffic Controller), officers working in the airport tower. To be a pilot and co-pilot, previously should receive education and training of flying private or public schools that exist within or outside the country. For the laity, both crossed the same profession. But in fact, the difference between the two professions is very clear where it can be proven from some of the following:

Duties & responsibilities

Duties and responsibilities of a pilot in fact much larger than the co-pilot. Co-pilot only execute orders in accordance with the instructions the pilot. As for some of the tasks of a co-pilot as follows: assist the pilot in terms of navigation, replacing pilot piloting a plane if something happens, monitor the course of the machine, and so forth. On this basis, the co-pilot are not less qualified like a pilot.

What about the duty pilot? Pilot holds a stake in aircraft piloting. No wonder that the pilot who bears responsibility for the safety of the crew and the passengers in the plane. When a problem occurs, the pilot will communicate with ATC. If the problems experienced death makes the electrical system so that loss of contact with ATC, pilots who have the power to land the plane, a U-turn, raise the height of the aircraft, or so forth.

Flight hours and salary

When viewed from the flying hours, a co-pilot arguably got under the pilot flying hours. Although sometimes the co-pilot’s ability to fly almost equaling a pilot because there is a co-pilot who both rank 4. When the co-pilot wanted to climb the ranks to become a pilot, co-pilot could work for 3 years or should add flying hours by following the flight class again or add a flight license or follow the program rating. Not only will be promoted to become a pilot, but hand in hand with a raise. For the co-pilot’s salary alone is predicted approximately ranging from 30 million per month.

For the pilot himself, must have high flying hours given into the highest levels of commercial flights. In accordance with the discussion at the first point that the pilot was a big responsibility, so the natural thing if his salary could reach 70 million per month (but this is for a fairly senior pilot). By the way, each airline has a policy for salaries pilot and co-pilot. Salary co-pilot and pilot mentioned herein are salary based airline’s top Indonesia.


Licenses can be synchronized with the SIM. If no driver’s license, if the police got a ticket could force myself to drive on the highway. If you do not have a flight license, pilots would not be allowed to fly. Talk about the license, the license of a pilot course can be more than the co-pilot. In addition to PPL and CPL, pilots require a license and must have the following two:

  • ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot License). To be able to become airline pilots, this license is required. In Indonesia alone, it requires a license has had 1500 hours of flying. This means that those who already have a license ATPL been very ready to bring passenger aircraft with crew.
  • ME (Multi-Engine). This license is required pilots to fly twin-engine aircraft such as Boeing or Airbus.

Not Choosing Pilot School Carefully? These Will Happen

pilih-pilih sekolah pilot

If you aspire to be a pilot, of course, must have a license first. To obtain a license, a step that must be taken by way of incoming first pilot school. Given the need to become a pilot school graduates pilot first. For its own pilot school has been widely available, especially in their own country. The number of schools, will make it easier to choose a good quality pilot school. Choosing a pilot school is one way to achieve my goals. For those of you who have aspirations to be a pilot, then you should choose a school that has a good reputation. To determine whether the pilot school of your choice is good or not, you can look for from a variety of information. Come directly or also seek from the internet you can do to find out about the school. If you are not picky pilot schools, then there are things that can happen with your school. Anything can happen if you do not choose a school?

School time is wasted

Which can occur the first time when you decide to register the school does not consider everything well, it can make the loss itself. This can happen when you do not pay attention to school age. School age can be used as a benchmark for whether the school can run smoothly or not. For example, the new school established one year or just getting up, then not knowing for certain the future. It could be school cannot continue their education so as to be folded. If this happens to you, of course, make the school time wasted and money will disappear. Therefore, for those who are interested in entering the pilot schools, then you should be picky pilot school in advance to find out how long the school stands. Choose a pilot school that has stood more or less 5 years in order to minimize the occurrence of bankruptcy.

Knowledge gained less effective

Pilot school is a school associated with the world of aviation. A student pilot, not quite with materials alone. A pilot who goes to school, of course, wants to be able to fly a plane well. To that end, the theory behind the student pilot needs exercise. Well, to get effective science should be supported by a wide range of support facilities. Supporting facilities needed such as training aircraft, instructors, and the practice field. Not all schools provide support facilities in accordance with the number of students. If this happens, then the knowledge gained less effective. To become a pilot himself, you must be smart, be it a clever theory and practice. So, to minimize the occurrence of those things that are not cool it’s good picky pilot schools that provide facilities to support one airport.

Graduate school is not timely

Not picky pilot schools can make your study duration increase, which was less than 1 year to 1.5 years. This can happen because the training process is not running perfectly. In addition to state-owned airports exercise, the number of aircraft is also an obstacle. In one school ideally 1 aircraft used for 5 students. By doing so, the other students will not be left waiting for long and flying hours can be adjusted. Given this constraint, of course, can make people ill-timed pass.

For those of you who want to get a pilot school, it helps to be picky school first. Choose a school that provides a complete facility that school on time and duration of exercise performed more effectively.

Steps Become a Pilot

Joining in the pilot schools

  • Have health okay
  • Have good English skills
  • Have an ideal body

After receiving the license and have hours of flying, then sign up to the airline (if foreign graduates first have to follow the endorsement in Indonesia).

Became first officer, junior captain, to senior captain


These 3 Things Can Make You Fail to Join Flying School

failTo bear the profession as pilots, cadets must first be educated in flight school. By doing so, the cadets can gain in-depth expertise and ability to fly the aircraft so that it can work in the airline and the opportunity to obtain a higher career ladder. To get into the pilot school itself is not easy, in addition to the many competitors there are also some things that can cause the prospective cadet fail despite the physical pieces had already qualified.

Does not have a considerable cost

The cost of becoming one of the obstacles to get into the pilot schools. Because, the more the cost of the flight school is increasing. As now the cost has reached 650 to 700 million Indonesian rupiah. The costs thus certainly not easy to come by, if any pilot schools provide relief as payment can be paid in installments of up to 3 times or given a loan because the schools in cooperation with the bank, but to get it cadet must have a guarantee that promises, for example, assets such as property, buildings, land and other buildings that have a value equal to the amount of money owed or unpaid. Keep in mind that in addition to being an obstacle to school, the cost is also a cause of the cadets to complete a cadet education because it could be at any time when the costs incurred can not be enforced.

Not prepare sufficient knowledge of away days

Good knowledge is also an important factor to be passed and entered the pilot schools. Knowledge itself include the TOEFL English language, physics, mathematics, Indonesian, and general knowledge sharing. As well as the TOEFL test must obtain a minimum value of 450. Of course, for them(prospective cadet pilots) who do not prepare sufficient knowledge of the distant days will fall in following this selection. For example, when the test schedule will start soon will learn that the material being studied hard to remember and understand. Indeed, there will be stressful even fatigue and will possibly make the value be dropped because the material is not controlled properly.

Do not do medical check-up

As it is known that, in addition to test a candidate’s knowledge cadet must also be able to pass a series of other tests one MedEx (medical examination) or health, which covers the eyes, ears, teeth, heart, lungs, and others. Prospective cadets who did not check up before you take the test, did not rule out going to fall despite having fewer health problems, such as tooth. Whereas, if the check-up of a far-day course, the problem can be handled properly, for example cavities would be patched. Remember, the health of a significant part of professional pilot after graduation so that later can be accepted to work in the airline. Imagine if the cadet experiencing health problems such as eye, it is not likely to be harmful to airlines. So also for the heart, would be very risky if at any time the disease recurrence. That is why the cadets need to have good health.

For prospective cadet who had attended the school entrance test pilot and fail, of course, failure can be a lesson materials so that in the next year can take the test back and the opportunity to pass(if they are old enough). As for the new cadets who will take the test, make sure it has a lot of preparation be it science, health, academic, or so as to follow a series of tests with good and able to attend pilot school.

Drawbacks of Becoming a Pilot

pilot tidak selalu untungBeing a pilot is a noble aspiration and also has its own privileges for pilots. This is because being a pilot is not as young as the back your hand because there are many obstacles that must be overcome. But behind it all there is a lot of the gains become a pilot. As for the advantages of being a pilot is, getting a high salary, get a chance to see different countries without having to pay, study English, and so forth. The first advantage that makes people want to become a pilot, which is due to earnings in the can every month. The income of a pilot could reach 20 to 50 million per month to the Indonesian state. By getting a huge salary of course there are not many people who are interested in becoming a pilot. But, you know reversed gains in getting out of the profession of being a pilot, has the deficiency. What are the drawbacks of a pilot?

Away from family

Although the advantages of being a pilot can enjoy high salaries and dogged by beautiful women, a pilot has its drawbacks. The shortage will be felt by a pilot is to be willing to be away from family. For the sake of duty as a pilot, the pilot had to be away from loved ones. This is because a pilot to do his job to various countries so as to take a trip needs to take time. Could have done the journey takes a long time. Therefore, for those who are ready to be away from the family, then this great profession. However, if you include people who can not leaving the family, it is not suitable profession. For your girlfriend, who has a pilot, then you should be prepared to rarely met.

High risk

Profession as a pilot, of course, has its own privileges because it could bring the plane in the air and enjoy the view from the top. Behind the high journey undertaken using aircraft tucked risks that can occur at any time. There are many risks that must be faced by the world of aviation, especially the pilots. As for the risks to be faced, such as heavy rain, lightning great, terrible clouds, haze, and so forth. Such problems can certainly be harmful to the world of aviation. Where a pilot must take responsibility for what happened during the flight. This is because a pilot has a great responsibility on each passenger. When a pilot knows bad things happen, a pilot should not escape and also to tell the passengers.


A pilot has flight hours are erratic, even though he has to get the flight schedule. For example, there is one of the pilots who can not fly and you do not have a flight schedule at the time and the day, then the airport can assign tasks to your fly. Therefore, as a pilot must be alert to things like this is good anytime and anywhere. Neither the evenings, mornings, or also when the feast. By not having erratic flight hours is what can make a pilot rarely at home so as the first point of the pilot away from the family. However, a pilot must carry out their duties properly.

That some shortcomings behind excess of a pilot. If you are interested in being a pilot, then do not be interested in the advantages given alone. Being a pilot has a great responsibility.